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Is God Calling You?


The Tesoro Club is a place where ministry to children and youth is our only job.  Our goals are to introduce kids to Jesus and then disciple them to growth in their faith.


These two goals both require us to engage our kids on a weekly and sometime daily basis. We love it when God calls someone to commit to working in the life of a youth. If you believe that God has given you a heart for the kids in the eastern Coachella Valley and you are prepared for the challenges, commitment, blessings and rewards, please fill out a Tesoro volunteer Application form and send with an inquiry to Drew.  You can also contact us via email at


We do have need for short term volunteer help as well, such as Saturday Kid’s Club, soccer coaches and referees, transportation drivers, game leaders and resourcing and serving snacks – where there are kids, there’s always food!  Consider the following current needs, complete a Volunteer Form and send with your inquiry to the appropriate personnel.

Click on the link to download our volunteer application


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