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Jesus said, “Therefore go and make disciples…and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” Here at Tesoro Club we are committed to not only sharing the Good News with kids but also teaching kids the truth of God’s word and how to use it in their lives.  On a weekly basis we have around three-hundred kids in our “program”.

We use the word “program” to describe our various ministries so that our supporters and friends can relate to the size and scope of what Tesoro Club is about. However, our hearts’ desire is to emphasize, that these kids are not just numbers on a page. To us these kids have names and faces and live in a very tough world.  We purposely set up our weekly schedule to allow time for our staff to meet regularly with small groups and individual kids. Our staff is encouraged to become fully engaged with these young lives and very often we find ourselves working to minister to the entire family.


Because we work mostly with kids from a lower income Hispanic background we find that we are doing ministry in two cultures at the same time. In Spanish, the word “Tesoro” means treasure. We truly believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ and the word of God are the greatest treasures that can be found in this life. And because we also believe that this great treasure can change the life of the kids we love, we have chosen to call this ministry “Tesoro  Club” – Pointing Children to Jesus.

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