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I was born in 1960 in the San Fernando Valley. When I was in college I volunteered in a youth group and then got a job working for a church running their AWANA and High School group. During that time I also became involved with Young Life.

By 1990 God called me out to the desert to be the Jr. High Director at Southwest Community Church where I served for 16 years. Then God began putting on my heart the desire to start reaching out to the youth at the east end of the valley.  So I started the thrift shop called Bargains Thrift Shop. Our goal was to have me minister to the kids in the valley and use proceeds from the shop to send kids to camp, where they would have an opportunity in a special and unique environment to hear about Jesus. It was about my third year at Bargains that I was introduced to Drew Belk and Tesoro Club, at which time we became partners in reaching the youth at the East end of the valley.


God then started weighing on my heart to volunteer for Tesoro Club.  Thus when Drew asked me to help out with Jr. High I didn't hesitate to say yes!  Even though I love all youth, working with junior high students has always had a special spot in my heart.

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