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High School Youth Group


Our High School ministry continues to evolve and grow, along with our kids. So many of our kids have grown up through the Tesoro program and the High School program's goal and mission is to disciple them in a way that that will encourage them in their walk with Jesus as they navigate through those challenging high school years.

When the pandemic hit in 2020 we had some changes to make to adapt to the changing circumstances around us.  What we thought could impact in a negative way actually became a way for us to grow deeper in ministry!  We transitioned to smaller groups, splitting up the boys and girls into their own individual weekly gatherings.  This allowed the staff to meet more regularly and in more intimate settings.  We saw tremendous growth in the kids relationships with the staff and many in their walk with Jesus.  One of the highlights of that summer was a baptism of several of the high school boys.

Our staff continues to add game nights, service projects consisting of helping Narrow Door ministries with food distribution, putting together Samaritan Purse Christmas boxes and other special events along with weekly Bible studies. 


Because we know that discipleship does not just end after high school, we also help them map out what post high school looks like.  We make graduation a special event and support them in considering options such as attending college, the military, Bible School, and/or vocational training.  We celebrate our Seniors graduations with a special dinner and gifts to help them grow in their walk with Jesus.

Our desire is to raise up a generation of leaders from the Coachella Valley that will continue the work of Tesoro Club far beyond the present time.  Thus, we are currently praying for God to raise up servants who would take this age group of post high school students and continue a discipleship program with them.  If you sense God's calling to help in this area, please contact us via our email at or contact one of our staff members.

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