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As a non-profit organization, we rely heavily on donations to send kids to camp, pay for soccer uniforms, curriculum, Bibles and keep our staff on board.  We are grateful for every financial donation, prayer and volunteer.  If you feel so led, please consider donating to any or all of our areas of need. 

General Fund
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Any donations made to this fund go to the day to day expenses of running the ministry. 

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Camping Fund
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Donations made to our camping fund go directly to camp scholarships.  

Missionary Support

You are able to support each of our ministry families directly by visiting each of their pages and clicking on the donate link there.  Your donation will go directly to that missionary.  Please consider a recurring gift if possible to support the continued work of our team. 

Soccer League
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Donations for the soccer league will go towards covering the costs of uniforms, equipment and referee fees. 

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