Yesenia Lopez

My husband and I were born and raised in the Coachella Valley.  We feel called to live and raise our baby girl here along side of our family.

I came to know about God's great love for me when I was in my early teens, but it wasn't until I turned 17 that I desired to be where the Lord wanted me to be.  He clearly spoke to me and showed me that there was "more to life" than what the world was offering me. I went to Calvary Chapel Bible College and was blessed with the opportunity to travel the world doing ministry.  I have been  able to see what the Lord meant when He said "...see that there was more to life..."

Serving in Tesoro Club has become one of those "more to life" moments.  Working with the girl's ministry and leading the Jr. High girls has given me the pleasure of seeing how the Lord works and speaks to every individual kid that shows up to any Tesoro Club event.