Introducing young people to Christ through the game of soccer.​

You may thing Monday nights are for football and we agree - only we spell football - futbol - or what you may call soccer.  Our kids love soccer! Because of that passion we have a huge opening for ministry and engagement into their lives.  Therefore, in light of some changes in the local school schedules and activities that impact our kids, the Lord opened a door to partner with FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) and their staff to make available a club soccer program. In the club soccer world fees of $900-$1200 are common.  The FCA/Tesoro club soccer does not charge players that cannot afford to pay nor do we turn away any player that is willing to commit to the program.

What is the program? The players must commit to attending weekly practice/Bible study/homework time and they must commit to keeping up with their school work and grades.  Each player must have their teachers fill out a weekly progress report. If a player is falling behind, then he cannot play that week.  Tesoro Club not only makes the soccer fields available for games and practices, but our clubhouse as well for a place to study and if the homework isn't done - no practice or play until it's done. The local high school coaches love this aspect of the program!  Most importantly, though, we are seeing God at work in the lives of these young players. They hear God's word weekly and some of the questions they ask just confirms that the Holy Spirit is at work in their lives. We continue to see much growth and are praying for more coaches with a heart for the Lord and a desire to impact kids through a coach/mentor/discipleship aspect for Christ - including adding some coaches and teams for girls.  Please contact us through the "Contact" page if you are interested in helping with this ministry opportunity.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization we are dedicated to the enrichment of the families and their quality of life in the communities of the Coachella Valley.

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